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Play walking football

Whether you’re looking to play walking football for the first time or you already play and want a new challenge, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Walking Football World is the UK’s biggest and broadest library of walking football events online. Our listings are designed to give you all the information you need to choose where to play in an easy and accessible way.

We’ve worked hard to make our site and content perfectly suited to both new and experienced walking football players. Scroll down for more details or search our database for a session or club now.

Play Walking Football as a team

Be part of a team

Join the thousands of players who have already helped to turn walking football in the country’s fastest growing sport.

Whatever your reasons for playing, there’s a session, competition or club for everyone. Walking football is not only extremely popular, it’s also incredibly inclusive and brilliantly diverse.

Here’s two of the most common and simple ways to get involved right now.

Walking Football Sessions

Walking football sessions

Walking football sessions are ‘turn up and play’ style events organised and supported by one of many public and private organisations. Most sessions run weekly, although some of the most popular are even more regular. Find out more and search for a session below.

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Walking Football Clubs

Walking football clubs

Sign up to a walking football club and play competitively against other teams in tournament settings. We’ve also included recreational clubs in our listings. These are not usually affiliated with official competition but may run sessions or play occasional friendly matches.

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Compete for honours

If your session, team or club craves competition, you’ll enjoy exploring the huge range of events available, from one-day festivals to season-long leagues.

Many of these tournaments are arranged by professional organisations or county football associations, with predefined rules to ensure the safety of all players involved.

At WFW, we’ve broken down competitive matches as follows. Simply click through for more information or to search for a walking football event near you.

Walking Football Festivals

Walking football festivals

Walking football festivals are short, one to two day events which bring together groups of local and regional teams to compete for honours. Festivals are quick and easy to enter and a great way to play walking football when winning matters.

Launching January 2020

Walking Football Competitions and Tournaments

Walking football competitions

We define competitions as continuous tournaments which stretch across multiple dates. These normally follow knockout formats with many rounds played over a period of weeks and months. Perhaps the most famous example is the FA People’s Cup.

Launching January 2020

Walking Football Leagues

Walking football leagues

If you like to test yourself on a weekly or biweekly basis, entering a walking football league could present the ideal challenge. Leagues are long-term, annual competitions, comprising of rotating fixtures among a set number of participating clubs.

Launching January 2020

The UK’s fastest growing sport

The popularity of walking football may be growing, but the sport is by no means still in its infancy. There are hundreds of established sessions, clubs and competitions running throughout Britain every week.

Almost every county in the country is host to at least one way of playing walking football. Our listing search system allows you to quickly and easily find an event within your town or city.

We’ve also created dedicated location hubs for the most popular places which showcase the best sessions in the region as well as details of venues to hire.


With over 850 walking football events taking place from Land’s End to Hadrian’s Wall, the landscape of England is peppered with opportunities to play.

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Search our database to discover you nearest walking football event in Wales. Compete in local tournaments and cross the border to take part in UK-wide contests.

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Swap your kilt for kit and play walking football at over 50 locations in Scotland. It’s not just Edinburgh and Glasgow leading the way – you’ll even find sessions in the Outer Hebrides!

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Our website is full of insights and advice for new and aspiring walking footballers, but there are undoubtedly a few things we’ve forgotten about.

Here’s a few of the most frequently asked questions about the sport to help fill in the gaps. Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] to ask anything we’ve missed and we’ll update this page with answers.

 Am I too young to play walking football?

Almost certainly not. You may have been given the impression that walking football is only for those aged 50 plus; this is simply not true. While many sessions do indeed cater for older age groups, there are plenty of events open to younger players who are recovering from illness and injury, or simply looking to enjoy a slower paced game.

 Should I join a session or a club?

This really depends on your motivations for playing. Walking football sessions are the ideal introduction to the sport for the vast majority of people. Sessions are the most popular form of walking football in the UK and are perfect for players of all abilities and experience. Clubs can be more serious and are often more competitive.

 If you’re not playing to win, why play at all?

The thrill of a last minute victory may be too much to overlook, but for many players, walking football is about much more than the final result. From fitness and rehabilitation to social interaction, people are drawn to the sport for many reasons. It is the mutual respect for each other’s motivations that makes playing walking football such a rewarding experience.

 Is all walking football competitive?

No. The competitiveness of walking football events is entirely up to the organisers. At WFW, we’ve made an extra effort to distinguish between competitive and non-competitive events in our listings. Note that although competition is different to level of contact, the two often go hand-in-hand.