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Please note that we are currently only accepting submissions for walking football sessions and clubs via the forms. If you would like to submit a different type of event, please contact [email protected] in the meantime.

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Why list your event on WFW?

Launching and organising a walking football event can be tough. From chasing players for money to struggling to find a pump for the ball, the last thing you want to worry about is whether anyone will turn up.

This is where Walking Football World can help. Let us take care of getting the details of your session or tournament out to new players, leaving you to concentrate on making a difference where it matters.

Here’s our top four reasons to submit your listing to WFW today:

1. Your listing will always look its best

Unlike other forums, all of our submissions are moderated by professional writers and marketers, ensuring that your listing looks its best and is its most up-to-date when viewed by new players.

2. Our recommendations are unbiased and impartial

WFW is not directly affiliated with any of the sport’s main governing bodies, allowing us to maintain objectivity on contentious issues and provide an independent platform for clubs and players.

3. Our content is written for everyone

The tone of other walking football sites is very much targeted towards existing players. This can be intimidating for new members so we strive to keep our content as accessible as possible for players of all experience levels.

4. The small details make a big difference

People’s reasons for playing walking football are often personal and sometimes complex. It’s important that new players feel comfortable with their choice of event and our detailed listings provide the information needed to allow that.

FAQs: Submissions

Here’s a few of the most frequently asked questions about submitting listings to WFW. Have a different question? Just let us know and we’ll update our list to include the answer.

 How much does it cost to list on WFW?

Nothing! Your Walking Football World listing is completely free and will always remain so. We will never ask you for payment to submit or display your event in our main directory.

Want some extra exposure? We do offer some paid promotional space on key areas of the site to give your listing an additional boost – just drop us an email to find out more.

 Can I trust WFW with my contact details?

We understand providing your personal data to a third-party will never feel normal, which is why we are committed to its protection and privacy. So, while you’ll obviously want to promote much of what you submit, we’ll never share the contact details that you want to keep private.

You will never be asked to provide any payment information (see question above) and we will never sell your data onto advertising partners. We may, however, use your details to communicate with you directly from official Walking Football World accounts.

 My listing is already on the site, how come?

We will occasionally add new listings to the site ourselves when we come across one which has not yet been submitted. For this reason, it is possible that your event may already be listed on the site, without you even lifting a finger.

If this is the case, please check that your details are correct and contact us if you wish to provide additional information (or corrections). It is always much faster and more efficient for you to submit your event using a form than it is to wait for us to find it.

 When will the other submission forms be ready?

Soon! We hope to have forms for every type of walking football event ready for you to use within the next three to four weeks.

Before then, please feel free to message us with details of your club, festival, competition or league and we will prioritise putting your listing live when the section launches.

Prefer to wait? Simply send us your name and email address and we’ll let you know as soon as a new form is added.

 How long does it take to submit a listing?

Between 5-10 minutes, although it really depends on how much information you wish to give us! The vast majority of the questions in our submission forms are selection based and require minimal text input.

Where text is required or the question may not be obvious, we have provided short descriptions to help guide your answer. If you get stuck, just let us know and we’ll help as best we can or take your answers by phone or email.

 Can I upload photos and videos?

Yes you can. There is a section on the form to upload and submit images from your walking football events or even your club crest. For videos, we recommend that you upload these to YouTube first and share the link with us to embed on your listing page.

Please note that by uploading images to Walking Football World, you are giving us permission to use these on other areas of our website and in marketing materials. We will always credit you as the original source of the image where possible.

 How can I update or change my existing listing?

If you’d like to amend an existing WFW listing in any way, please email [email protected], including a link to the page in question and details of the changes you’d like to make.

Eventually, you will be able to create a WFW account, claim listings as your own and make your own edits directly. But, in the interim, good, old-fashioned email is a reliable alternative.