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Wigan Walkers Walking Football Club

Twice-weekly indoor walking football sessions, from 10.30am at Wigan Soccerdome. Powerleague Soccerdome Wigan, Stadium Way, Wigan WN5 0UN
Call us anytime 07508 107119
Year Founded:2014 Session Type:Just Turn Up Playing Level:Mixed Game Format:6 v 6 Pitch Type:Indoor (3G) Age Limit:50+ Plays in Competitions:Yes Plays in Festivals:Yes Available for Friendlies:Yes

Play walking football at Wigan Soccerdome

Join the Wigan Walkers at Wigan Soccerdome for 90 minute walking football sessions, every Monday and Wednesday, from 10.30am.

The friendly twice-weekly events begin with a brew and a warm Wigan Walkers welcome. Even teams of mixed abilities are then selected from the full group of players, aged 50 and over.

Depending on the number of attendees, sessions could consist of multiple 10 minute matches or a single 90-minute game complete with frequent water breaks!

Sessions are non-contact and strictly no running with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment. Head into the shower after the final whistle and then back into the lounge for more brew and banter with a great set of lads.

New players are invited to simply turn up and take part, with no need to call ahead. However, if you did want to reach out first, we have included full contact details below.

Supported byWigan Walkers WFC
Delivered byWigan Walkers WFC
County FAManchester FA
DaysMonday & Wednesday
Session start10:30
Session end12:00
Cost per session£4
Other costsNon-compulsory £10 club membership
Session rulesThe WFA

Contact Wigan Walkers Walking Football Club

Thinking of becoming a Wigan walker? Get in touch with Steve Halliwell for quick and friendly answers to any questions not addressed on this page. You can find Steve’s contact details below.

Lead contactSteve Halliwell
Number07508 107119
Non-Competitive Non-Contact Men Only Rolling Substitutions Size 5 Ball Unlimited Touches Below Head Height Official WFA Rules

Powerleague Soccerdome Wigan, Stadium Way, Wigan WN5 0UN

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