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Birmingham Walking Football Club

The UK's largest walking football club, with multiple sessions at Beechcroft & Solihull. Beechcroft Tennis and Multi Sport Club, Beechcroft Avenue, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B28 9ER
Call us anytime 01217 961330
Year Founded:2014 Club Type:Competitive Turn Up & Play Sessions:8 Groups Genders:Mixed Locations:2 Enters Competitions:Yes Age Range:40-70+

Discover Birmingham Walking Football Club

Where better to make your walking football debut than at the UK’s largest walking football club?

Founded in 2014, Birmingham Walking Football Club has grown to offer dozens of sessions across multiple age groups and abilities, all hosted at one of two brilliantly resourced locations in the West Midlands.

Beechcroft Tennis & Multi Sport Club is full of first-class facilities to allow games to be played with maximum enjoyment and safety.

Birmingham Walking FC’s other location, the brand new Solihull Football Centre, is home to the world’s only purpose built walking football pitch, adorned with cutting edge 4G turf.

The club hosts dedicated weekly sessions for those aged from 40-70 plus, as well as specialised ladies-only and less mobile events.

Birmingham Walking Football Club also competes in organised tournaments and leagues. Weekly sessions are held in a non-competitive spirit, however almost every level of the club provides opportunities for players to play competitively if they wish.

In October 2017, the club was crowned WFA Over 50s National Cup winners and in September, was featured heavily in a Sky Sports documentary focusing on the sport.

In addition, BWFC chairman Paul Murtagh, was named as first ever manager of the England Over 50s walking football team.

County FA Birmingham FA
Home grounds Beechcroft Tennis & Multi Sport Club
Solihull Football Centre
Club sponsors
Membership fee
Other fees £4 per session (Members)
£5 per session (Non-members)

Turn up & play sessions

Each of the sessions below takes place at least once per week. To make things easy, we’ve grouped individual sessions of the same/similar age groups together into single listings. Simply click the event that suits you best and find details of all days, times and costs on the next page.

Beechcroft Tennis & Multi Sport Club
Over 40sMon, Thur & Sat
Over 50sMon, Wed & Thur
Over 60s & 65sTue, Thur & Fri
Over 70sWed
Less MobileTue & Thur (See Over 50s)
Ladies OnlyFri
Solihull Football Centre
Over 40sTue & Fri
Over 50sMon & Fri
Over 60sWed
Ladies OnlyMon

Contact Birmingham Walking FC

All new players are asked to call ahead of attending a Birmingham Walking Football Club session for the first time at either Beechcroft or Solihull. For this or any other enquiries, we recommend contacting club chairman, Paul Murtagh, using the details below.

Lead club contact Paul Murtagh
Email [email protected]
Phone 01217 961330
County FA page

Beechcroft Tennis and Multi Sport Club, Beechcroft Avenue, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B28 9ER

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